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Professional Beer Tester!!

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My idea of a balanced diet is a BEER in each hand

Who else has this same idea!?!

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I Only Drink Beer On Days That End In "Y"!!

Who else lives by this rule??

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Drinking Team Shot Glass

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Mr. and Mrs. Shot Glasses

It's that time of year!! Weddings and Anniversaries. These are great gift ideas and can even be personalized with names on the back for an additional fee.

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Video short of drawer build using Spax screws. Building 2 end tables.

If you've never tried Spax screws you're missing out! Head over to now and request a sample so you can see for yourself how great these are!! They are also available for purchase at Menards and Home Depot.

Instagram: @spax_us

These are some photos I took during the process of building this writing desk. It was a lot of fun!!

Practice Burns with Gearhart Industry Torch Heated Branding Iron

Gearheart Industry has excellent quality brands both torch heated and electric. Their customer service is exceptional! If you need a brand check out their page at You can also find them on Instagram @gearheartindustry.

Ice Blue Stackable Druzy Bracelet With Charm

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First Test on the 15" Jet Tabletop Drill Press

I love this drill press! Very happy with the tabletop version. I built a cabinet for it to sit on with lots of storage and also use it for my sticker swaps :)

Sanding a Butcher Block Cutting Board

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